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I had a wonderful childhood with our family dogs, like so many people I desperately wanted to share my life with a dog of my own.  However, having enjoyed a successful career in Education for 15 years as a PE teacher, my work commitments didn't allow me to provide the time and care I wanted for my own dog.  One day whilst surfing the net, I stumbled across a website offering 'Doggy Day Care'; until then, I had no idea such a service existed.  This discovery, followed by the realisation that I could indeed fulfill my dream of sharing my life with my own dog, was fantastic!
I spent a long time researching and visiting different local providers until I found a Doggy Day Care that provided the type of quality care I was confident with.  It was not the nearest, adding an additional 45 minutes to my journey to work, but for me, it was the right type of Doggy Day Care, where dog numbers were kept small to give a real home feel..... Henry loved going everyday enjoying a wonderful time with his doggy friends, and it gave me, a well socialised, well behaved, contented and very tired dog!
With the introduction of Henry into my life I was happiest at the weekends taking him on fantastic countryside walks, often picking up friends' dogs.  During school holidays I started spending days with Henry at his Doggy Day Care, enjoying their walks and caring for Henry's pals, I absolutely loved it; it combined my love of animals with my active outdoor lifestyle that I'd enjoyed as a PE teacher. 
It was then that I made the decision to quit my career, move  from Oxfordshire to beautiful West Yorkshire, and set up my own Doggy Day Care and Home Boarding service.
I couldn't be happier, everyday I am rewarded by the love and gratitude from the dogs who are so grateful for their fun walks, play times and cuddles.

 Most importantly, I provide a service for those people who like me, either who longed to own their own dog but didn't feel their lifestyle catered for it, or who struggle to juggle their hectic work and family schedule with giving their dog exercise, socialisation and attention to keep them happy, well behaved and contented.

The Cottage & View From The Garden
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